Step 3

Granulation and Fine grinding

PANTHER and ECO-SEP module

The Panther Ultra-granulator reduces all the granules larger than desired and brings them down to a particle of 4 mm or less, by means of blade mill which is very efficient in the cutting. Depending on the size of the output mesh, the capacity is between 800 kg/h (value for 4 mm), 700 h of duration of the blades and, bearing in mind that they can be sharpened five times or more, more than 2800 t can be processed with one set.

This group of equipment makes it possible to carry out separation tasks (by means of aspirations or magnetic separation) of the different parts, sieving according to the required size and cleaning to the most demanding standards. It is designed in terms of the specifications of the end product that each client wishes to offer or that is demanded by the market. This set of machines is the result of the years of operation of a plant at industrial level and of the cooperation between ECOTREC and its technological partners.


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