About Ecotrec

It wain this setting that Ecologic Tire Recycling (ECOTREC) was established, a company made up of the Spanish enterprise Gestión Medioambiental de Neumáticos (GMN), belonging to the COMSA ENTE group, and the German machinery manufacturer PALLMANN (PMF).

Since 2001 GMN  has specialized in recycling used tires. Through a process of continous improvement and innovation, its aim is to obtain top quality products with higher value added which enable it to maximize profitability.

The seed of ECOTREC goes back to 2004, when PMF installed a mill in the GMN plant in Lleida (Spain) which was the first collaboration between the two companies. The result and the understanding were so positive that both companies began to work together on improving other stages in the process. Their efforts have culminated in a solution for the treatment of used tires which converts the residue into something reusable and profitable.

ECOTREC combines GMN´s and PMF´s experience to provide technological solutions to used tire recyclers. The company has the largest testing and development plant in Europe, guarantees the purest separation (of rubber, steel and textile) and offers profitable end products.

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